2nd Person gets: A kiss

After pursing her lips for a few moments, she realises the warmth of her soft brown hues having been settled on the sonic-weilding captain for the past few moments. He seemed to be idly fiddling with a few levers at the console of the TARDIS for quite a bit now, and Rose having been swinging to-and-throw in the jump seat, had been gazing at him for a tad bit of time. 

Must he always wear such tight shirts? Blimey. It was one hell of a distraction- and when the leather-clad Time Lord was in the room she much preferred he didn’t spot her checking out, or peering at ‘another one of her pretty boys.’

But what exactly was there to say she couldn’t do so when he’d left the room, mumbling something about a part they needed, or a room he needed to check up on— Nothing of course. She was free to ogle away. Although Rose isn’t quite sure when the innocent ‘ogling’ had suddenly dissolved into much stronger urges. Maybe it had something to do with the rather nice few he’d given her of his rear when he’d bent down to grasp one of the rooted wire underneath the console? 

Whatever it was, they were only stemming from within her now, and the pink and yellow girl felt a sudden urgency reel through her. It was now or never. By that she meant if The Doctor came back in and caught her doing what was currently mapping out in her mind then he’d never let her live it down… Although she might just get that hidden spark rise to the surface of those icy blue orbs again.

Nevertheless she’s lifted herself up off of the chair, arms rested casually by her sides as her feet carry her closer towards him. Well no could say she didn’t take what she wanted. In one fluid motion she’s tapped Jack on the back, and the second he’s turned around her fingers have hooked around his suspenders firmly.

The rest is quite a blur. Raising herself onto the tips of her toes, hot, wet lips have suddenly met, moving together in a rather brutal dance, heated, and rough, her teeth biting down gently on his lower lip, before she’s taken to sucking on it harshly. But when his hand comes to rest on her hips, tugging her slightly closer, she somehow finds the urge to stop, yanking herself away and lowering herself back onto the soles of her shoes. 

With a twinkle in her orbs, and a impish grin slung up at her lips she suddenly whirls around, propping herself back up onto the jump seat as he turns back to his own work with a little smug smile. Well, she’s sated for now.

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