{ She's made of outer space;;
" Maybe soulmates
are just two ordinary people
who are too stubborn
to let the world pull them apart "

Daily Poem #1 by Nick A West (via nickawest)

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mkay its 9.40 & im off to bed aaahh. Im so lame. But I literally had to trek out to the middle of NOWHERE for my graduation party yesterday + I got a tad drunk & didnt actually get to sleep till quite late. Im exhausted & I’m having a birthday party thing tomorrow night. :’) buuuut im gonna try & get through all things i owe tomorrow morning after i can actually see straight. Thanks for being patient lovelies! Nighty night!

wibbly wobbly challenge | Favorite Ship in the color spectrum.

     Tenth Doctor & Rose Tyler

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Send me a ≡ for my muse’s reaction to yours suddenly hugging them very tightly

[ —-; there was no flippin’ way she was complaining about
            being hugged by Thor;; but it may or may not have
            been getting harder & harder for her to breathe under
            the grasp of his strong, & awfully firm arms. It was like
            some kind ov’ warm… muscle-y heaven. — But at one
            point when the blonde can’t decide whether she’s light-
            headed because of the lack of air, or her own dizzying
            day-dreams, she lets a laugh tumble past her lips.


       ❝  S’anyone ever tell you your hugs are breath-takin’
                    — — Seriously, they are! Can hardly breathe, me.  

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omg you lil cutie pie, thank you :’) ♥♥