So I hit a huge follower milestone the other day and I promised I would do a follow forever when I hit that goal, so here it is! Once again, I can’t stress enough how much I love all of my followers and I also love each and every one of the blogs that is included on this list. Bolded are the people who I talk to often/enjoy reading their tags/absolutely love their edits or fics or whatever they contribute to the fandom/overall favorites (although again, keep in mind that I love all of you :D)  Also, if I left anybody out for any stupid reason, please let me know so I can modify that ASAP.

a-c: 221bsherlock | a-mind-obsessed-by-tennant | abadplanwellexecuted | aeonish | alisonhcndrix | allrightfine | andrastesgrace | androsetyler | anni-draws | antitimelady | applegrass | archangeldean | aroseintime | arthurpendragonns | atimelordswifeauntieali | aviculae | badwolflupin | badwolfreborn | badwollf | badwollfs | benedctsbafta | betchilds | big-finish-sketches | billieanddavid | billiepiedpiper | billiepipur | billieviper | blaidd-drvvg | bloodyimpala | blueboxtraveller | brighterthanroses | briliantbluebox | brilliantfantasticgeronimo | brilliantmartha | bringmeknitting | burningupasun | burntlikethesun | callistawolf | capaldisbluetardis | carlgallaghered | carlofan | cassstiela | cecylbaldwin | charlesxaviere | charleyepollard | clara-oswin-oswald | clarabosswald | claraoswin | cleowho | cloysterbell | coordinatornarvin | crazyandsexy | creamcolored-converse | cryingmanlytears

d-g: daenystormborn | damerosebadwolf | danny-pink | david-tennants-little-fangirl | direvvolfe | doctorpuppet | doctorsafraid | doctorxrose | doomslock | dreamsofpetesworld | dryadalis | dunderklumpen | eighthdoctor | elevenwearsabowtie | emmettcarver | erminswithsevil-bean | expelliarmus | experimentingwithbackcombing | fadewithfury | flypup | fogsblue | followedmystar | frederickschilton | fuckingmulderfuckitykidneys | gallifreyan-detective | gallifreyburning | gallifreyfieldsforever | gallifreyslostson | genocidaltheta | greatspacedustbin | gwendolynmstacy | gwendolynstacy

h-l: haliameguid | halorvic | harbek | hardythehermitcrab | hollonsy | holmesillusion | i-wanna-be-a-starship-ranger | ibelieveinher | idloveyoutocome | imatelevisioncharacter | impossiblyamelia | inloversmeeting | itsmyhonour | jackdonaghy | jennytylersmith | jimmynovakish | joanniewatson | jonesgirl88 | kai-art | kilodalton | kingslyers | ladylannisters | ladymills | lauraxxtennant | licieoic | littlewhomouse | lordbaelishssweetling | lotsofthinkythoughts | lumos5001 | lyricalprose

m-p: minduiquitelikehope | misstardisblue | moltobenebananas | moonofpoosh | morgrana | myclara | myroza | notgingerandalittlebitfoxy | noyouplum | oh-tennant | oimatchstickman | onelifewithrose | oodlyenough | oodwhovian | outcastfromgallifrey | padaleckhi | perfectlypiper | perfectlyrose | petercapaldy | pondrific | prettyboyinthetardis | professortennant | professxrlupin | pulledacross | punkscully 

r-s: raggedy-man-with-a-box | randomlyagoldfish | re-sile | remusjohnmoonylupin | revealthemagic | rointheta | roryrific | rosefyler | roseinabox | rosetylered | rosetylerrun | rosityler | roughhewnends | rrrosetyler | rudennotgingr | ruebella-b | s-tuffoflegend | seeyouaroundriver | shadowsonthescreen | shearrob | sherlock | shutupstrax | sirmalory | sleepbearsdreams | smasheddrumsandbadwolves | solthree | songfordecem | soufflegirl | speslodge | starklysansa | stephadoo | stormaqeddon | stormesend | stupidape | suburbanalison | super-psychic-paper

t: talesofthetimelords | tardisbluerose | tatennant-ismybrotp | teawhovian | tennant-tuesday | tennantmeister | tennanttardisgirl | tenrose-s | tensimm | tenthandtyler | tenthhdoctor | tentoo-s | tentooing | tenxrosetyler | the-tenth-will-see-you-now | the-untempered-prism | theangelictennants | thebadddestwolf | thecloneclub | thedefenderoftheearth | thedoctorlek | thedoctorxrosetyler | theheroheart | thekarengillan | thepcapaldi | theplanetnotthecity | thesarahjanesmith | thesassyscienceclone | thesonicridingcrop | this-puppy-flies | thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic | tickle-me-dalek | timelordsandladies | timelordvortex | tinyconfusion | tkross | tourmalinetardis | trenzalours | tyleredrose

v-z: valiyria | vannadear | votedsaxon | wantyousafe | watchitearthgurl | weeping-who-girl | whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid | who-lligan | whoinwhoville | wilfredtennant | willowskindofgay | winterinthetardis | wintermoth | yeahloki | yourebeautifulconsidering | zagreus-taking-time-apart

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Winner Masterlist


The following are the winners of my 10k promo contest. Congrats to all of you!! Please go follow these awesome blogs everyone!!

First Place Winner - Blog of the Month


Second Place Winners
Third Place Winners
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I’ve just been sitting by as other people have been doing this and I’ve been wanting to as well, so I thought why not celebrate my 500 followers..?
Okay, I admit I made this post early. Really early. Like,  I had 453 followers when I wrote this but hey, that’s what queue is for right?!
Anyways, my incredulous impatience aside, I have a lot of people I love and have to thank on this fabulous website I’ve spent a year and six months on. I mean, this fucking website and the people on it just really grow on you. I know I’ve had my fair share of sucky hiatuses, withdrawals from Tumblr, times when schoolwork and exams clashed with this website and became unbearable, insufferable writer’s block and that kind of shit, but here I am, still going strong after ages and like, half a thousand people are following me and that’s pretty damn awesome. I started off with a shitty ass OC using fully-sized gifs and huge text and here I am, writing paragraphs with some really amazing people. So I decided to make a Follow Forever designating the people I will forever love. If you’re not on here, it’s my fault for being a dick and forgetting to put you on, I know I know I suck. But most of these people don’t suck. So here it is — my fabulosity of a Follow Forever, plus a bonus paragraph literally nobody will read, regardless if their url is on here or not so okay.. Let’s just get to it.
{reminder that non-rp blogs are italicised}

               { special loves }

hellaprise ♡  weelittlesqueakingbloggermouseapplepiefxckernotmuchforprayingsbackupblogxregicideicekingloki ♡  kingimpala ♡  greyfacebob ♡  undeadqueenbetsyflirtatiouscaptainharkness

So many feels digging up these old friends, there are people I’ve talked to on here dating from like three years back and wowee this is amazing
If you’re on here it means I love you evermore and if you’re not on here I probably forgot you and still do love you evermore. Thanks so much to everyone for being my friendses :’D Also to get most of these people on this Follow Forever, I scrolled literally all the way down my fanmail which is quite an achievement. I love you!! ALL OF YOU

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Ignore that up there i’m still learning

This is a thank you to the (surprisingly) 300 people who put up with my blog. I love you all and I would bake you all cookies but they would probably get burnt so maybe not. 

Bolded Italicized means mutual followers.

My friendly flower: galuhfrey

People who got most of my love:

ponnds badwolfrun misstardisblue clarasfallingleaf tinyconfusion galuhfrey gallifrcyan thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic skinnyscottish

Other great blogs you all should follow:

aroseintime androsetyler alongcametheponds ameliaponde ameliasgalaxy burningupasun brighterthanroses badwolfrun badwollf badwolf-and-hertimelord blueboxtraveller big-little-blue-box cloctorwho clockwcrkdroid curiouseleven claraoswin clarasdoctah clarafaded clarasfallingleaf david-tennants-little-fangirl doctaaah doctortennantsbum doctorcapaldies doctorwhoandkittens dalekphobia expelliarmus echoesofthebadwolf eleven-is-dreaming elevenshours elevenslostgirl fuckitykidneys fiercedestiel fireypond fearlessoswin fabulousfez fallenbowtie gwendolynstacy galuhfrey gallifrcyan gingeroswin gallifrayens gloriusponnds heavenlyponds infinitebluebox impossiblyamelia impossiblypond impossibloswin ireneadlerr mattsmit misstardisblue marhajones myroary myraggedydoctoor mydarlingdoctor oswinlove oswinsdream oswinsturn pulledacross phoenixditty pizzapartyplusprofanity ponnds polisbox ponnd pondrific rosetylered rosewolfy rosepxnd rorydarling rorywilliampond restnoweleven rosetylr rointheta stupidape somereallygreathair skinnyscottish smithsclara trenzalours tardisbluerose tinyconfusion tenthdoctr tenbluebox terrifictardis tardisistic who-lligan winchestersbadwolf 

I think i got everyone, but, if I missed someone, I am so so sorry and I’ll give you burnt cookies, okay? <3

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Whatever happens at all happens as it should. — Marcus Aurelius

JUNE 2013 - JUNE 2014

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                              I meant to do this when I reached 500 followers, but then I
             kind of forgot about it and didn’t have the time because of real life
             shit, but anyway. I recently hit
                                                  6 0 0 +   F O L L O W E R S  ! !
             I never thought this would happen to me. Oh gosh, words cannot
             describe how much I appreciate all of you guys following me!
             Honestly, without your support, I wouldn’t be here today.

             Okay, I’m not going to be all sentimental now, because that’ll
              just result in a bunch of rambling. Just know that, from the bottom
              of my heart, I appreciate every follow, every interaction and every
              talk I’ve had with you guys. There’s not a day when I’m
              not looking forward to be online. Thank you for supporting me so far.
              And beyond anything; thank you for sticking up with me and my ooc
              post, and the fact you still want to rp with me even though replies
              might take much longer than expected.
                                                                       S o   t h a n k   y o u ,   s o   m u c h ! 


          Chey - bxyking / thepipersbeliever
               Oh gosh, words cannot describe how much you mean to me bby!
           It feels like I’ve know you for forever, and I just feel like I get more
           and more attached to you the more often we talk. We talk all the time,
           gets all kind of random ideas, and you are basically what makes
           me smile on a bad day. You’re just perfect, bby. Never change,
                               okay?                   L o v e   y o u.
                You are literally one of the kindes and most comfortable people
          ever. We connected instantly, and I still remember our hour long
          chat on kik when I was on my way on winter holiday, and we were
           talking about beaches and so on. You are literally just the cutest,
           and I lvoe you so much for being you.

           Maz - simply-shocking
                Okay, where to begin? You were one of the first whom I actually
           had an addictive and interesting plotline going on with. And I’ve
           spent hours daydreaming about our thing, because - come on
           there isn’t anything much cuter than our eternal rebound thing,
                      am I right bby? Love you.

           Audrey - neverbeengivenachoice / elviriel / birdsandmirrors
                Holy mother of Darling Pan! I stalked you for so long and read
           alot of your fics before we were actually proper introduced, and
           holy moly! Every time I need someone to disguss a headcanon
           with,  you are there. Every time I post something just a little bit exciting
           and maybe painful, I hear you talking about it. AND IT MAKES ME SO
           HAPPY! And again, there are no words that can describe how honored
           I am for you letting my main verse be inspired from your heartless
           fic. Your fic is basically the main source for my inspiration and success
            with Pan, so thank you!

           Lana - rexmare
                We are technically married, aren’t we? We fell in love at first chat
           and I can still remember it! Haha, you are just wonderful and I cannot
           wait to get started with our thing very soon!

          Symph - alwayswaslxst / withironhearts
               Sweetest and most amazing Felix I’ve ever come across. I know
           there are only few Felix’s out there, but you really have/had an interesting
           grasp on him. Hell, sometimes I even forget it’s not Parker himself
           sitting on your blog. Basically, you are wonderful, and I probably
           wouldn’t be here today without you.

          Simona xtaleasoldastime / aroseintime
               Okay, I admit it. I stalked your Rose Tyler blog bag when I was in
           the Doctor Who fandom, and you were like— THE Rose Tyler. You are
           just perfect and I envy you for living in Australia, cause oh gosh
           how I miss Australia. And you are just so precious, and I really
           love our talks when the internet connection will allow it!

           Grace - wendybirdx
                I know we only started talking a few days ago, but omg girl! I am so
           ridiculously attached to you and you won’t believe it! Basically, our
           mind runs on the same ideas and damn— it’s not always mature
           content, if you know what I’m talking about! 
           Basically, you are amazing and I’ll cling to you for forever now.


                                 The following list is a list of people I’ve either had smaller 
                conversations with or blogs who add something unique to the whole
                tumblr rp experience. Some of you I haven’t even talked to, but still.
                You guys all have that interesting grasp on your 
character, which is
                so strong that I sometimes forget that I am 
dealing with fiction. 
                          The list also contains a few non-rp blogs whose writing and/or
                graphic is simply outstanding and really deserves more attention.
                They are all simply an inspiration and they all makes my dashboard
                the more interesting. So thank you for being who you are, guys!


beggarking | herroyaldarknessnoordinarydoctor

- anniversary -


It’s hard to believe it— but it’s been a year for this blog now. Though I certainly wasn’t new to Tumblr roleplaying, this past year with this blog has been where I’ve somehow had the craziest luck and met so many great people. A warning; below the read more I will get sentimental and sappy there’s a lot of you who I’ve become good friends with (I attempted to order the list by when I met people), and I get emotional thinking about how much you’ve all affected my life. Please don’t feel offended if I don’t mention you in this post I follow almost 200 blogs, if I talked about every single one I’d be writing this out for weeks. The people in this post are mostly ones I know by name and have talked to a fair bit, but I certainly appreciate everyone who has followed me and/or roleplayed with me over the past year; you’re all awesome and I love you so much.

Thank you for being such a wonderful community of writers, and for somehow putting up with me. You’re the best, and I look forward to seeing what the next year brings! (Also I warn you, this post is gonna be long. Oops.)

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i think this slow blink that he does is the literal ultimate level of sass


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Her name was Rose


"I’m still just an image. No touch"